The Pandemic Band Podcast featuring Professor Betsy McCann – 30 September, 2020


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The Pandemic Band Podcast is a behind-the-curtain interview with Professor Betsy McCann, Director of the University of Minnesota Marching & Athletic Bands and Assistant Director of Bands at the University of Minnesota School of Music, about how she has navigated this COVID-19 pandemic season and what effect that has taken on her and the entirety of the historic institution that is the university’s marching band. Together, we learn about what she’s been up to over the past few months, what is on her mind right now, and a taste of where she sees the program going after this historic year. Join us as we shine a little light on how the Pride of Minnesota is taking on the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic one note at a time.


“People know you as Betsy McCann, Director of the University of Minnesota Marching Band, but what is something else about you that you want to share about yourself that people might not know already?”

“This year has allowed many to redefine their work-life balance now that so much of both occur in the same location. What does this balance look like for you and how do you feel about the change?”

“This year has brought so many changes, especially to the way the University of Minnesota Marching Band operates; what is something you value and appreciate which has been consistent or stayed the same throughout this experience?”

“As a director, you have to be a long-term, strategic planner and, unfortunately, most of the time it feels hard enough to plan out a week in advance because something inevitably reverses the plan. How have you been able to navigate this uncertainty when so many look to you for the answers?”

“For years into the future, we will look back upon this time and those within it and will learn about our actions when faced with these challenges. What do you hope they say about your directorship throughout this time?”