Creative Brand Planner, Educator, Creator Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Hello, my name is Tyrese Leverty (he/him)! Truthfully, it is tough to fit who I am into a few hundred characters on a website. So, I decided to present myself through a few different lenses to give more perspective on what makes me... me. I would describe myself as someone who makes the most out of the least as I've spent a lot of my life overcoming adversity to achieve things. I also always have the desire to accomplish more in the future. I hope you're able to get a small picture of me here, but I encourage you to reach out to me to learn more. Happy reading!


I enjoy creating stability out of uncertainty, so that means what I'm up to is always changing. I'm also a big believer in showing that I can walk the walk instead of just talking the talk, so please feel free to check out my other pages to see more examples of what I've done. However, it's pretty safe to assume that I'm spending my time creating and designing, creating, communicating, and planning in my professional roles. In my free time, I enjoy music, exploring new locations, and different forms of media and storytelling. Overall, my favorite thing to do is to learn and work on improving myself before turning around and teach, inspire, and develop others so that they can find their own success.


As much as I can be a natural strategic, long-term planner, I have also added the ability to be flexible and understanding. I can't plan for or control everything! Instead, I like to focus on adaptability as a way to keep pushing myself forward. Speaking of going forward, I am always ready and excited for the future. My next steps include aligning myself with partners whose values are similar to mine, sharing my skills and thoughts with the world, and continuing to progress in my own career by supporting others. I won't give everything away right now, but I always have an idea of where I'd like to be in the future, and the rest is only a matter of time.


Starting in the past, I was born in Burnsville, MN, and spent my childhood moving between the South suburban cities before landing in Minneapolis. Minnesota is certainly my home, but I've had the pleasure of traveling across the U.S. and I have fallen in love with discovering new locations and all that they have to offer. I am very happy in Minneapolis at this point in time, but I strive to never plateau, so I feel like the time will eventually come to move into a larger market.


This is my favorite question in the entire world! Why? It is consistently the most difficult to answer regardless of the context and, without fail, it turns out to be the most important question in any conversation by pulling out the authentic truth behind people's behaviors and ideologies. My purpose is to design and create experiences for others that inspire them to create positive change within themselves and within their communities. You know that feeling when you feel uninspired and without guidance and direction? Whether it be through my actions, my words, or my creations, I seek to remedy that by leaving others in a better place than where they were before and by giving them direction.


"How do you do it all?" is something I am always asked and I've never really had a great response. While I understand that no one wants to hear this answer, I believe that it is the most accurate one: I have more passions than I can fit into my lifetime. There is so much that I want to accomplish and the limiting factor of time makes me want to do the most with every given opportunity. I'm able to look to the tools, people, and ideas that surround me in order to do the most with the least. That comes with being self-aware and learning how to balance my priorities, energy, skills, etc. I've continued to develop this over time by pushing myself to my limit through my involvement with multiple endeavors and passions.



Digital Content Creator   (March 2021 - June 2021)


Student Board Member   (October 2020 - Present)

Human Resources Director   (January 2019 - August 2020)

Assistant Human Resources Manager   (September 2018 - December 2018)

Interim Human Resources Manager   (May 2018 - August 2018)


Winter Drumline Instructor   (October 2017 - Present)

Marching Band Drumline Instructor   (May 2018 - Present)


Admissions Tour Guide   (May 2019 - January 2020)


Stylist (April 2020)

Jean Expert

Selling Manager

Lead Cashier

Sales Manager

Jean Expert

Sales Associate (July 2016)



Journalism - Professional Strategic Communication B.A.

Art & Interdisciplinary Design minors


Arts, Global Communications & Information Systems Pathway High School Diploma


Premiere Pro 2020 Essential Training - LinkedIn

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for Students - Everfi

InDesign 2020 Essential Training - LinkedIn

Human Resources Foundations - LinkedIn Learning/Lynda

Google My Business Basics - Google

Inbound Marketing Certified - HubSpot Academy


Board Member

Minnesota Daily Media

Drumline Member, Recruitment Ambassador, Social Media Lead, & Merchandise Lead

University of Minnesota Marching Band

Group Leader

University of Minnesota Housing & Residential Life

Blood Donor

Memorial Blood Centers

Minneapolis Local Guide

Google Local Guides

Blood Donor

Red Cross Blood Services

Student, Volunteer & Panel Member

College Possible


Top Skills

Leadership, Communication, Public Speaking

Industry Knowledge 

Strategic Planning, Project Management, Marketing, Public Relations, Journalism, Writing, Social Media

Tools & Technologies

ADP Payroll, Trello

Interpersonal Skills

Management, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Customer Service

Other Skills

Online Social Networking


I've taught for a decade, several hundred students have worked with me in my class--hopefully learned from me. And, yet, it seems as though Tyrese already knew things well beyond the textbook or case studies; he has instinct and insight about people and the workplace that most people don't have.

Tyrese is a leader among the teams he is part of and is able to be a team member when someone else is leading the team. That ability to play both roles is critically important and remarkably valuable to those around him. His ability to communicate, share critical thought, and do so with diplomacy and passion beyond his age. He's not a cliche of being 45-year old trapped in a young body; he is, instead, a brilliant mind and intelligent contributor who is trapped by nothing.

Tyrese is driven for success, but not at the expense of others. He is inclusive, nurturing, and empathetic of those around him while maintaining a vision for what everyone needs to do to reach the goal.

I would be happy to speak to you, directly, if you have any specific questions. I have been known to say about Tyrese: "...the first one to hire him wins." Be that one.

Dan Gore, Instructor at University of Minnesota - Hubbard School of Journalism & Mass Communication

March 18, 2021, Dan taught Tyrese directly

"It's rare to work with a talent like Tyrese. I still consistently find myself learning from him and being so impressed by his clarity of thought that leads to effective action. He truly sets himself apart in his professionalism, his thoughtfulness, and his discipline.

Tyrese worked as a Campus Tour Guide for the University of Minnesota Office of Admissions. During this time he provided exceptional experiences to prospective students and families. Visitors consistently highlighted his work on our feedback form, describing Tyrese as an excellent tour guide who personally related to students and families. Tyrese enthusiastically welcomed visitors to campus during an experience that can be both exciting and anxiety-inducing, and he made a large school feel small. Tyrese left an indelible impression on his coworkers as well. Tyrese patiently and professionally demonstrated the right way to accomplish tasks and goals, trained tour guides to be the best they could be, and he was highly regarded in our office as an excellent tour guide and an excellent person.

When tour guides first begin giving tours, it's often the first time they are presenting in front of large groups consistently. Guides need to be 'on-stage' for 1.5 hours while walking backward, relating to families, and providing facts and information. It's a challenging position. One memorable moment I have with Tyrese is watching him empathetically and thoughtfully provide feedback to another guide after their tour - many new guides have the tendency to use filler words such as 'um', and 'so, yeah!'. Tyrese kindly recommended that the tour guide 'Zap the [two] fillers like mosquitos'. I've been using his phrase ever since.

I recommend Tyrese as a team member, a leader, and everything in-between. He is someone we were sad to lose, and one I would welcome again without question. Any organization would be lucky to have Tyrese, and he has my highest recommendation."

Devan Kelly, Assistant Director of Admissions at University of Minnesota - Office of Admissions

March 20, 2020, Devan managed Tyrese directly

"After years of working with Tyrese in an academic and professional setting, I can't say enough about his unmatched work ethic, relentless commitment to excellence, and his kind and professional manner. His managerial skills are truly beyond his years, and he makes going to work a pleasant and worthwhile experience. Additionally, he is eager to learn and is genuinely passionate about everything he does. He is an asset to any team he is a part of!"

Olivia Gislason, Customer Office Intern at Optum

April 30, 2019, Olivia reported directly to Tyrese



English - Native or bilingual proficiency

Spanish - Professional working proficiency


Robert Brau Memorial Marching Band Scholarship

Service Award

First Place Best Self-Promotion Ad

The Howard Ebert Memorial Marching Band Scholarship

Workplace (by Facebook) Warrior

Award of Excellence

Fred & Lucille Kildow 2019-2020 Scholarship

President's Award for Academic Excellence

Nominee for the 2017 John Coskran Volunteer Award

The President's Volunteer Service Award

DECA Award of Excellence

Minnesota Percussion Associal College Scholarship

Youth Frontiers Character & Leadership Award

2016 City of Burnsville Community Builder Award

Nominee for the 2016 John Coskran Volunteer Award

The President's Volunteer Service Award


My story is still being written. 😉