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In a world where the government is watching our every move while telling us that isolation is power, uniformity is freedom, obedience is love, we silently live by the rules laid before us. That is, until we realize that those rules are meant to make us weaker and that we are greater than the sum of our parts. Burnsville Winter Drumline 2020.

I of the Storm

Our thoughts and emotions are fantastic and a part of what makes us human, but they are also what chain us down when they become negative. Tackling the themes of anxiety and mental health, Burnsville Winter Drumline 2019 shows that the path isn't straightforward and that there will always be a calm on the other side of the storm.

Just Breathe

Life can be stressful. Especially when it feels like everything around you is shutting down and that nothing is going to plan. This year, Burnsville Winter Drumline 2018 explored the theme of peace by reminding us all to just breathe when times get tough because everything will be okay in the end.


University of Minnesota Marching Band Drumline Recruitment Ambassador

College Possible Panelist

Tyrese Leverty, class of 2017, spoke about how District 191 supported him through strong community.

Independent School District 196 All-Staff Speaker